On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, Limitless Gym team invited the famous sports journalist, Mohamad Adnan, to visit us at Limitless Gym and give us his opinion on our services quite frankly. The management and the coaches at Limitless Gym surprised Mohamad Adnan with a gift he did not expect.

Watch the following video to know the details of Mohamed Adnan’s visit to Limitless Gym.


The gyms in Qatar are many, varied and spread all over the country, so be sure that as long as Mohamad Adnan is in a gym, then I am in a completely different and special gym. I know that most of us suffer from obesity or lack of fitness, and so, I am in the right place to solve all these common problems. Believe me, I only speak what I know, and the first person who needs to join this gym is the camera holder, Ezz El-Din. Follow me to find out more…

This mighty place is called Limitless Gym and, it is located in Abu Hamour, Qatar, so it is in the center of Doha. It is close to Sabah Al-Ahmad Corridor and very close to February 22nd.

When you enter the gym, your attention is drawn to the organized arrangement of the gym equipment in its corners. For example, on the far left there are all the cardio equipment, and in the middle there are the CrossFit exercise equipment, then there is the free weights section, and then move to the equipment hall, and this hall is completely separate.

Now we’re going to go to the BMI. This is a test… Wait a minute! What is this?! This is the official trainer at Limitless Gym. Ezz El-Din is trying to compete with the trainer in fitness. For the record, Coach Sanju is Mr. India (India’s champion) in Men’s Physique, and Ezz al-Din is Mr. Palestine. Coach Sanju is a certified trainer in gym injuries, which means that any injury occurs in the gym, Coach Sanju knows how to treat it immediately, This coach is really a treasure here!

This is the BMI device or as known as the Body Mass Index. Now we will run a test of who has more fat / muscle? Ezz or Mohammad? And now this is the report of Ezz El-Din and that is my report of the BMI, My rating is 63 and Ezz Al-Din has a worse rating of 60. The BMI test shows the results of your efforts, exercise with the trainer, and it entails the workout and diet plans that your body needs, so the first step to start with a personal trainer at Limitless Gym is to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) using this device.

When we enter this room, we find that it is a Fitness Classes hall overlooking the street, and this is a very beautiful thing. However, where’s the advantage with Limitless GYM? In any advertisement I do, I like to know the company’s competitive advantage. and for Limitless Gym, the advantage is that the instructors in the fitness classes only trains a maximum of five participants per class. On the other hand, when you go to other gyms, you will find that their faintness classes involves 20 or 30 participants per class.

And here is coach Khalil aTunisian personal trainer and fitness instructor. We would like to know what Less Mills Programs that you provide at Limitless Gym are.
Coach Khalil: For the Less Mills programs, they are considered the most powerful fitness concept in the world. Les Mills consists of seven fitness classes, all of which are provided at Limitless Gym. We have Les Mills Bodypump, Les Mills Bodycombat, Les Mills Bodybalance, Les Mills RPM and others. ‏

People ask, is there types of music that actually enhance my performance in Les Mills Bodycombat fitness class? People don’t know that the instructor at he fitness class has to be certified to know what kind of music he should play.
Coach Khalil: yes, that is right, Every movement in the muscles of the body is associated with music beats.

The competitive advantage of the canteen at Limitless Gym is that everything here is free, This includes coffee, juice, water, and fruits, except for one thing, the Whey. Protein is free only for Gold Membership holders, which saves them one cup per day.

The Gold Membership has four valuable features. Besides getting free whey protein scoop daily, you will have a private lot at Limitless Gym’s garage to park your car, you will also have a personalized locker to leave your clothes and personal belongings safely, lastly, you will be able to use our laundry services to wash and iron your clothes while exercising at the gym.

Moreover, there is a special separated floor for women only with certified women trainers, same as what the Men’s Gym has. To reach the Women’s Gym area, you will need to go from a private entrance that is totally separated from the entrance of the Men’s Gym.

Here is coach Sarah, who came to us from the Women’s Gym, and she will take care of any trainee who joins Limitless Gym and help her to achieve her fitness goals. I would like to thank Limitless Gym and all the coaches for giving me the Gold Membership, and I really hope to workout here and focus more on improving my health.

So, if someone wants to try gym services before subscribing, Indeed, the gym provides you with the opportunity to try exercising with or without a personal trainer or join a fitness  class at Limitless Gym for free without any fees. Through their Instagram account and click on the link in the bio to register with a coach or without a coach.

Limitless Gym subscription packages are suitable for everyone’s desires and financial ability. This is because they have the option to subscribe for the gym only, or subscribe for a gym with a personal trainer, there is another package that includes exercising at the gym and fitness classes only, or  exercising at the gym with a personal trainer, participating in the fitness, classes as well as getting the Gold Membership. They also have easy and effective packages options. All you need is to visit Limitless Gym at Abu Hamour and choose the package that suits you the most and subscribe to it.

Finally, I would like to thank the management and the trainers at Limitless Gym for hosting me and for giving me the Gold Membership, and I hope I will be able to continue improving my fitness and my lifestyle.

For any inquiries you can call them at 444 22289 at any time between 9 AM till 11 PM.



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